Fast Forward


acrylic on paper, site specific installation in the studio of Sentimental Fools & Love to the Core Photography, Baltimore, MD.



acrylic on paper, site specific installation at Sense Gallery, Washington, DC

Merry-go-round, Again


acrylic on paper, site specific installation at Sense Gallery, Washington, DC

Mural: 1441 L ST NW Exercise Facility


Washington, DC

acrylic on wall, 55’ tall x 11’ wide (8’ off ground)

Featuring a playful sense of movement, with bold, bright color, flat shapes and crisp edges against strong, gestural and fresh brushstrokes, this mural was meant to spark and explode with color and energy.

Mural / Installation: Van Ness Social Project


Van Ness, Washington, DC

acrylic on plastic, 8’ tall x 46’ wide in total

11 panels made from 1”x2” wood frame & heavy duty plastic / industrial velcro was used to attached panels to metal framed windows

This large installation was a commission for a social gathering with Van Ness Main Street & Pink Line Projects. With the goal of bringing together all ages & people from the community, this installation was mean to be vibrant, fun, high energy, and inviting to all ages. The panels continued to be displayed in various empty storefront windows, bringing life to the neighborhood. All eleven panels were built, primed, and painted in my studio in Baltimore.

Murals: Embassy Row Hotel


Embassy Row Hotel, Washington DC

acrylic + spray paint

These 3 murals + lockers + valet stand for the Embassy Row Hotel were painted in the same 3 day period. They were meant to speak to one another, as if a story continued through the hotel from floor to floor. All based on a vibrant & powerful color palette, with a strong sense of movement & energy.

Installation: Ground and Scurry


Washington, DC

20’ x 10’ x 4’

acrylic on paper, wire

Clearview Communities Mural: Raise/Rise


Frederick, MD

acrylic on primed wall

Clearview Communities is a healthcare and living facility for young adults. The aim was for the mural to be uplifting and inviting.

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